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We are a small group of designers , marketeers and social moderators.
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My name is Mostafa Eltorkey and I am the founder of ‘torkeydesigns™ Skyblinks branding agency’. On this website you will find my personal graphic design portfolio (My design services are currently available for hire), as well as that of my team ,all subjects of design, ranging from but not limited to; print design, logo design, web design, branding, typography, advertising & more.


We work at home ... For many hard done by office workers this would be the main bonus – losing the daily commute. Outside of getting a personal helicopter lift to and from work, the daily trips to and from work are often infuriating and insipid. The elimination of several hours a day of travelling would do wonders for stress levels. Along with freeing up time to concentrate on work, money would be saved from transport, and it would give everyone a lie in each morning.


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We are a small group of designers , marketeers and social moderators.

So we do all of that inspirational works below. check it out....

  • icon_01 WEB DESIGN

    We lead the web graphics , design and development.

    we are the KUNG_FU web masters :-)

  • icon_02 DATABASE

    Full mysql and php database coverage to your web work , giving a reliable acount on traffic via SMS reporting to your celluler.

  • icon_03 Always On Time

    We deliver the best timming capacity whatever the load , creating the project with minimal time availble with max. quality.

  • icon_04 Photography

    Just to cover out media , branding and marketing techniques.

showcase Check Out Our Portfolio.
Welcome to my design portfolio. If you like what you see, just get in touch.

Designs related to the Lead designer..

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Photography / Marketing

IPSF EMPS 2013 Website

Website / Marketing

Prom Invitation Card

Marketing / Invitation Card

Audi Q7 C4D Modeling

3D modeling/

Coursatk Stationary Banner

Print / Marketing

Live21.tv Branding

Marketing / Commercial

IPSF EMPS 2013 Project


Pharmacy class 2012 Yearbook

Print / Marketing

Tag al waqar project

Art / Print / Branding


Skyblinks team Meet Our Awesome Team.
Skyblinks Strategies experts...

Our team translates your needs and objectives into compelling design in print, online, video and more. It’s our pleasure to introduce them to you....

Leen Sadder

Lebanese by nature, New Yorker by choice. 
Currently working on launching a digital analytics tool with an awesome start-up in NYC, 

Mostafa torkey

Freelance graphic/ web designer from egypt, lynda Ideal designer course instructor , winner best typography in the arab committee for designers and hackers award 2009

Stian Bugten
art director

Creative at LBNY / / Spending my spare time in the mountains

FAQ Read Our FAQ. Stay Informed.

What services do i offer?

From CEO , Dr Mostafa Eltorkey:

I create memorable & unique brand identities for clients across the world, elevating them over their competitors through strategy based design & research, thus maximizing client profits.

What does it cost to hire me?

I have no set price list, but rather I listen carefully to what potential clients require and put together a unique proposal based on their needs. The best way to get a quote or more information is to send me an email outlining your requirements. We can then line up a time to talk in more detail.

What exactly will you receive?

This depends on your needs, however in terms of deliverables this could include logo files, stationery, styleguides, website files, social media avatars and so on. You will also receive consultation, support & research on my behalf all throughout the project, and after too.

How long will the project take?

This depends on the exact needs of a project but a “usual” brand identity project takes about 3-5 weeks. This can be done quicker if necessary, but I generally recommend at least three weeks for most projects, to ensure that the appropriate research and creative output is the best it can be.

What does the process involve?

The design process is never linear, but in short my process goes similar to this:

Listen to the client & define design brief > Proposal > 50% deposit > Research > Conceptualising > Rendering > Presentation > Revisions > Final 50% > Delivery > Support.

How do i accept payment?

For most projects, I request a 50% down payment to schedule in work. I accept payments via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. The exact details and terms will be provided in my proposal. The final 50% will be paid on completion of the project, prior to releasing the final artwork.

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over the internet based location...

We available to chat by email, phone, Skype video chat, or in person for those in New York City, or Alexandria.

I will give out my personal mobile number / Skype username to all clients if requested. I choose not to disclose my telephone number online as I have to be selective regarding what information I make available on the web.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Alexandria , Egypt

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


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